Harvest Green Village Farm

8939 Harlem Rd • Richmond, TX 77406 

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What is it?

The Village Farm is a 12-acre interactive agricultural amenity, nestled prominently at the entrance of the Harvest Green.
The farm is designed to be a “working” educational experience, in that the farm itself is actually a production farm, supporting many of its expenses by selling produce. It also serves as a venue for agriculturally-related community events.To see pictures of the farm, click here

Harvest Green Village Farm

Who owns it?

Harvest Green Village Farm is owned by the Harvest Green Homeowners Association.   Agmenity has been hired by Harvest Green to manage the farm and its operations. 

What happens to the produce?

• Sold through the produce trailer & Farmers’ Market
• Sold to Houston area restaurants
• Used in promotional events/dinners
• Donated to hunger/poverty non-profits

s it organic?

Harvest Green Village Farm is in the process of earning its organic certification. The National Organic Program rules require that a space be maintained in an organic fashion for three years before receiving certification.

During this period, we must follow the National Organic Program Rules and our produce is designated as “transitional” and cannot be sold as “organic” until full certification is reached. 

How do I participate?

The Farm Club

Harvest Green residents can join the Farm Club and rent their own growing plot. The Farm Club is a private gardening and agricultural education club

for residents. Members will have the opportunity to experience agriculture in a very meaningful way, growing in a bed culture (raised farm rows) right in the midst of the Demonstration Farm.

Tours & Classes

As more and more residents move into the community, tours will be offered at an increasing frequency. Tours are about 20 minutes and are free and open to the public. Regular agricultural and cooking classes will be held at the farm. These classes will be open to the public and will have varying price points. Click here to see a schedule of tours and classes.


The Village Farm will host a number of events throughout the year, ranging from large-scale, multi-day festivals to intimate chef dinners. While some events are free, others will require purchased tickets. Click here to see a schedule all Harvest Green events. 

The Farmer's Market

The Village Farm will host its own farmers market on a weekly basis. Every Saturday from 8 am to 12 pm, the market will be opened to the public and will include a number of local vendors.
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The Village Farm will host occasional volunteer events as well as having regularly scheduled volunteer hours in order to meet the needs of all interested parties. Volunteers will work closely under the guidance of the Farm Educators and will be rewarded with vegetables (and lessons learned!).

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 to see a detailed layout of the Harvest Green Village Farm.

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