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Have Fun at the Farmers Market

Have Fun at the Farmers Market

The Harvest Green Farmers Market is a great place to shop for local sustainably produced, meats and artisanal foods. It’s also a fun, family-friendly activity. Here’s a list of things you can do when you join us each Saturday, 8 a.m. to noon, at the Village Farm.

Check Out What’s in Season

Farmers markets differ from grocery stores in that the only fruits and vegetables you’ll find are seasonal. Grocery stores have produce shipped in from other countries. To maintain their freshness, they are sprayed with chemicals. Yuck! Eating seasonally is healthier for you because it is fresh. As you browse the market, take note of the fruits and vegetables available and plan your meals accordingly.

Try New Foods

Chances are when you shop farmers markets, you will find a fruit or vegetable you’ve never seen before. Why not give it a try? Most farmers are more than willing to let you taste it. They can give you ideas how to prepare it. Produce isn’t the only new food you may discover. Artisanal foods you’ve never tried are often available. Bring home a new cheese, ethnic food item or flavor of honey. You may just discover a new family favorite.

Taste the Rainbow

Eating produce in a variety of colors is healthier for your family. See how colorful you can make your next meal by purchasing a rainbow of fruits of vegetables. Many of our favorite fruits and vegetables come in other colors than the ones we are used to. Try purple carrots or red kale. Kids love picking out unusually colored produce.

Talk to the Vendors

Vendors love to chat about their produce and products. You’ll find out how those apples were grown, what ingredients go into that freshly baked loaf and how early farmers get up in the morning to bring those fresh vegetables to you. Build a relationship with your favorite vendors. You may find them setting aside new items they think you’ll enjoy.

Play a Game

Help family members learn more about the products by playing games. Scavenger hunts are a favorite. Put together a list of things to look for while you shop. Don’t list specific items. Tell them to look for a purple vegetable, the smallest fruit, something they’ve never seen before and other things. Give them money so they can purchase one of each item they find. Bingo is another fun game. Make up bingo cards before you go, let the kids mark off items has they find them. As an incentive, the winner gets to purchase their favorite food.

Don’t Forget to Eat

You don’t have to wait until you get home to dig into that farm-fresh goodness. Purchase your favorite items, find a spot and have a picnic. Many markets sell coffee, sweets, sandwiches and more. Some markets even have one or two food trucks if you are looking for a more substantial meal.

Do More Than Shop

There’s more to farmers markets than fruits and vegetables. There will often be musicians, craft booths and cooking demonstrations. At the Harvest Green Farmers Market, there is live music, children’s activities, a playground and a maze. Twice a month, there’s even a Fitness Boot Camp.

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