Harvest Green Goat Voting

The Votes Are in Giving Our Kids Herbaceous New Names!

As adorable as our baby goats are (and trust us they are freakin’ adorable) their herbaceous new names are even cuter.

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Ginger were the most popular names selected during our “straw” poll asking you to choose your favorite names for our four (previously) nameless Nubians. Voting began June 12 and while we were happy to call our kids any of the top three names, we are particularly tickled that the names reflect Harvest Green’s overall theme of providing our residents with freshly grown, freshly harvested produce.

Our goats’ headshots along with each goat’s new names are posted on our  Facebook page. Take a look and see if you agree that their names fit their personalities — or better yet, come down to our Village Farm and see them yourselves. Our team gives them lots of love and chard (they really love our chard) but in — keeping with the rock stars they are — they always love some extra adulation.

Thank you to everyone who submitted names. We are thrilled we can finally call our kids by names.

Parsley Rosemary Ginger Sage


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