Appetite for Art

Join us for a one-of-a-kind dinner, where Chef Jose Parisi of Fuego y Romance Catering Show and Chef Bielitski Prada of Bielina's Catering will create dishes inspired by the paintings of KCAM Artist in residence Mark Deleon.

Deleon’s paintings, a colorful fusion of contemporary and traditional techniques, are currently on display at The Farmhouse and will surround dinner attendees as he tells the stories behind his art pieces. 

Chef Parisi will be cooking and serving Argentinian beef on a mesquite grill, while Chef Pada demonstrates her Spanish culinary chops by cooking seafood paella in a giant skillet. The menu also includes a freshly prepared salad and for dessert, Tres Leches. Beer and wine are included in the $30 per person price. 

In addition, diners will be able to watch Deleon paint and hear the stories that inspired his work. Sealed bids for the paintings on display will be accepted during the event.

Katy-based Intempo Dance Ensemble will provide entertainment with dancers performing a contemporary piece to a Mexican musical composition.

Tickets to Appetite for Art dinners are limited and only for diners ages 21 and up.





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